The Greater Glory

About Us

We have a passion, a desire to see the body of Christ rise up to their pre-ordained destiny..

We are committed to birthing God's purpose for the church at now, and presenting the body of Christ glorious and faultless.

We will see the manifestation of his glorious power in our time..

We carry the Anointing of Blessing to be distributors of the riches of his glory.

We declare the glory of God and the heaviness of his presence on the earth..

Calling upon the watchmen to share the burden and bring forth these prophecies..

Our sun will never go down, our moon will never fade. God is our eternal light.

We shall be called the priests of God, honored as ministers of our God. We will feast on the bounty of the nations, and we will bask in their glory.

          "KABOD" The Glory of God.